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12-18-2012, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
26 games is not enough context. There is alot of variance that can happen in 26 games compared to a whole season. If you don't understand the concept of regressing to the norm then look it up.

Over 80 games, over several seasons we see what a players norm is.

I would be curious to know what his shooting % was like in the last 2 years in a weaker league.

I looked it up 16 goals on 110 shots is 14.54 (37 games)

The season before is 18 goals on 108 shots which is 16.666 (43 games)

In his rookie year in the WCHA it was 6 goals on 61 shots good for 9.83

Compared to Smith from Detroit at the same school his shooting % is better but it's still a long way to translate that into the NHL.
Well he's playing with better players now, some players find that the game is easier when you play with better players who can think the game at a quicker pace.

Also his NCAA shooting % is less relevant than his AHL shooting % as small of a sample size as there is simply because the AHL is a lot closer to the NHL than the NCAA. That said his NCAA shooting % shows that he shot a high % then too which shows that he is a very effective defenseman in terms of scoring goals.

Here's some food for thought, over his last 3 seasons he has scored 48 goals in 104 games, not bad for a defenseman.

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