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12-18-2012, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
So after messing around with trades for awhile I finally figured out a way to get around something that was really annoying in this game. I found it really stupid that if I tried to trade for a good "white" player even if the team accepted the "Trades that lowered your rep" would increase. Well it seems that as long as you out weigh/balance whatever you want with "red" items then the computer will relent and not tack on the negative message to your stats page. Going back to the computer you can mix and match "green" and "white" assets to get them to accept.

Not sure if anyone else is really bothered that much by negatives in the GM Tracker, but if so, then hopefully this helps.
Well, I'm not doing any trades in my BAGM, but thanks for the info.

Also not doing any free agency signings, but Daniel Alfredsson is sitting in free agency over a month into the season just begging to be signed and the only teams with the contract room and cap space to sign him are me (CBJ) and Toronto. I think it would be pretty funny if he pulled a Mats Sundin and signed mid-season with Toronto

Also funny is that St. Louis is the 30th place team in the league after about a dozen games and they traded their 2014 1st to Carolina for Joe Corvo, who they didn't even re-sign

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