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Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
Sorry, but your research for Kazan is quite inacurate.

1. Only the smallest part of the tickets is above your calculated average price. Maybe 200 seats in the 2 best sectors.

2. You probably mixed up playoff ticket prices with the regular season ones. The most expensive seats(outside the VIP booths) are 800 RUB. (Those I normally get as at least for me it's not expensive at all. I can't go to a whole lot of games due to work though.)

3. Most tickets are from 200 RUB(quite popular) to 500 RUB. An average price would be somewhere around 350-400 RUB.

4. There is a raise for games against Ufa(rivalry), MMg, Avangard, Lokomotiv, SKA, Dynamo Moscow.

5. As I said playoff prices are a different story. Still the KHL finals would be 1200 RUB in the best sector(+possible raise if AkBars would face one of the opponents mentioned above from the west)

6. Kazan is one of the wealthier cities in Russia. People earn good money. The ticket prices are not really a problem. Whereever you'd go out in Kazan you'd 'get rid' of by far more money compared to a hockey game.
1. I realize this. But that would also be the case with the other teams. And I calculated them in the exact same way so the numbers, although as you pointed out, may not be the true average, can be used for comparative purposes.

2. No I made no mistakes with the play-off prices

My post was not a definitive reason for why I thought Ak-Bars lacked in attendance, although I do believe that to be a contributing factor along with bad marketing, etc. Omsk, for example has an arena that is also far and their team is also always in the playoffs. Yet they have no problem filling arena while Kazan does.

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