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12-18-2012, 05:13 AM
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Yeah, the new raids are very challenging. 14/16 Heroic ATM and working on Heroic Grand Empress Shekzeer... man, that fight is challenging. From a DPS perspective, it's a joke... you're either geared enough to meet the DPS checks or you're not, there's very few actual mechanics to look out for.

But for healers? There's so much damage going out that each and every person is constantly at risk of dying, even if they do everything in their power to survive. The only way to overcome this is to just keep bashing your head against the boss to get slightly better at hitting those healing CDs at proper times, and hope for the pull where everyone hits everything at the perfect time.

Normal mode felt like LFR compared to most bosses... heroic is just in another ballpark.

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