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Originally Posted by Peter25 View Post
It is, but there are some regions in Russia where the GDP/capita is higher than in Moscow (for example Tyumen and Khanty Mansyisk). In these regions the prices are also higher than in Moscow. Prices always go up when the purchasing power goes up.

I would say that Russia is right now a cross between a first world and a second world country. For example the Moscow region is like a small first world country where the infrastructure and economy are at the first world levels. Same for St.Petersburg and regions such as Tatarstan, Tyumen, Khanty Mansyisk and maybe Bashkortostan. Also many individual cities like Sochi, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Krasnoyarsk and Chelyabinsk are quite developed.

Then you have cities or regions such as Smolensk, Novgorod (not Nizhny Novgorod!) or the Russian Karelia that are clearly second world class. All of these are located in the western Russia which is surprisingly less developed than the populated parts of Siberia and Urals.

Then you have the North Caucasus hellholes such as Dagestan and Ingushetia which could be more like third world than second world. These Muslim republics are riddled with poverty, corruption and islamic extremism.
Good summary, I have been working in Russia for six years. It has been quite interesting watching the rapid development of Russia (It will continue for years to come aswell, unless something idiotic occurs such as Nemtsov or Navalny getting support). Funnily enough Grozny is going through an enormous boom, turning into a mini Dubai.

Being an expat in Russia is very rewarding financially, 43% of expats in Russia earn more than US$200,000 per year (The highest in the world).

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