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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
I don't see that if Raipe is the head coach of U20 team. He has tons of experience from international tournaments. Have been leader in team packed with best players from finland. Players will get important informantion and everything about tournament game. Finland did very well when Raipe was an headcoach and almost led finland to the final game and maybe even to WJC gold.

However it's important to have assistant coach who makes all the tactical things and system. In todays coaching it's common to have coaching tandems where head coach is just an voice and the boss but other coaches takes care of the actual game. Like this year Rindell hardly does any coaching it is all about Tomek Valtonen who has good understanding of the game especially junior game.

I personally wouldn't be disappointed if Helminen and Valtonen are the coaches for team finland. Valtonen taking the charge in the future.
I agree with this post. Last year when Raipe was our coach he did really good job, we lost the medal because of Aittokallio's mistake in semi-finals. Without that, we would've had really good opportunity to take the gold medal. Come on guys, it's not Helminen's mistake if our goalie does give free goal. With Ilves he has done decent job, done everything what he has been able to do. That team doesn't have any first line players or even great goaltender without lockout-players. Roster is easily worst of league.

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