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Originally Posted by Peter25 View Post

I think there is some reluctance in the West to admit how much Russia has progressed since 1998. It really is a different country now.
Correct, the turn around has been amazing, some of Putin's early reforms were very effective too.

Originally Posted by Peter25 View Post
I would not worry about Nemtsov, Navalny and Udaltsov too much. They are a fringe political movement in Russia that receive too much attention in the Western media compared to their minimal political weight in Russia. The Communists are still the only opposition that really matters in Russia.
Yes I know they are fringe, I was at the protests (Although I prefer Putin over any politician currently available in Russia), and they all were yelled at by the protesters telling them to piss off The western media reporting on the issues was ridiculous too but that is another story Actually the Western media has been very negative and biased in its reporting of Russia ever since the country began to stand on its feet.

Originally Posted by Peter25 View Post
Not all folks in Russia are happy about this. Grozny (and all of Chechnya) has been rebuilt with federal money. Chechnya is like a big economic blackhole. It takes money from the federation without giving anything in return.
From some (Not all) I have spoken to in Russian they seem to believe that rebuilding these regions while having Pro Russian Government puppets will allow the purge of terrorism. The terrorism coming out of Chechnya is very limited now, almost non existent. It is all in Ingushetia and Dagestan. Kerimov owning Anzhi Makhachkala is a project in itself I believe.

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