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12-18-2012, 07:26 AM
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Well as expected, the Swiss lost yesterday against the EHC Visp from the National League B 4-6...

The Team of Visp held a pre-game ceremony to honour Michel Zeiter and Phillippe Portner (a local star-player)... The Swiss dressed 21 guys, but unfortunalty no Christian Marti

And boy, oh boy the swiss started the game flat footed... I didn't took long until Melvin Nyffeler, who started the game, was beaten by a Visp-Forward who broke into the slot... The 2nd goal didn't took any longer...
The Swiss needed almost 10min to adapt to the game speed and got with two lucky bounces the two goals back and tied the game...
What was realy interessting is, that from their 1st shift on Tanner Richard and Alessio Bertaggia where aggitating and trash-talking... It took about 12min and Tanner Richard and Dominic Forget got together, resulting in penalties for both and a PowerPlay for Visp.
In the 2nd period Allesio Bertaggia and Niki Altorfer started a brawl and got 4min penalites.
I don't know why the coaching staff didn't held them back, since both are offensivly so important to the team to loose the to stuppid penalties like that... I mean Tanner Richard even started to mock Didier Massy the head ref and catched a 10min disconduct for unsportsmanlike behavor...

These where the line-combinations (Lw-C-RW):

Lino Martschini - Tanner Richard - Sven Andrighetto
Sandro Zangger - Christoph Bertschy - Robin Leone
Alessio Bertaggia - Lukas Balmelli - Dario Simion
Lukas Sieber - Jan Neuenschwander - Mike Künzle
13th Forward - Vincent Praplan

Cedric Hächler - Dean Kukan
Samuel Guerra - Isacco Dotti
Eliot Antonietti - Mirco Müller
Lukas Frick - Phil Baltisberger

One of the PP-Lines was:
Dario Simion - Tanner Richard - Sven Andrighetto
Lino Martschini - Dean Kukan

The last 10min of the game after the Swiss where running after a 2-goal deficit, Simpson put Andrighetto-Richard and Bertschy together...

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