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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Go watch the third period of last year's semifinal again if you can. We got absolutely HAMMERED out there. Anti-hockey at its best. And the coaching could do nothing but watch. In fact, we have Raipe's assistant Mikko Haapakoski on the record saying that Finland's plan coming onto the third was just to dump the puck and protect the lead, the plan that has certainly worked oh-so-gloriously in the past and brought us tons of silver.

Now, once you've watched that one, go watch 2011 WHC final's last period, especially the bit between Kapanen and Pesonen goals. That's Jalonen giving everyone a lesson on how to protect the lead.

Our team was definitely talented enough last year to do something more than just play five-man defense. Too bad the coaching wasn't. With proper suits behind the bench, the game would have been clear for us long before Aittokallio had his little slip-up.
I agree. However I'm not sure as to what extent becoming so passive in the 3rd was due to lack of coaching skills or lack of experience of the players, but if Haapakoski indeed said that, that's some bad coaching right there. Even without saying it, it's the most natural thing (and a bad thing) to do when you're in the lead. The coaches should try to fight that feeling in the players, not encourage it.

Judged from interviews, Helminen's speaking skills aren't very good, I don't find him believable when he speaks. Jalonen on the other hand, really makes you trust him when he speaks. I wish Marjamäki was still the coach of the u20 team. Imo the games 2 years ago we played the best WJC hockey I've ever seen Finland play, and our team was way less talented than last year.

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