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12-18-2012, 09:27 AM
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Some of those need to be looked at more closely...

A few general points / questions:
1) No credible league allows you to trade picks three years in advance. We didn't make that explicit, but I would have thought people would know better.

2) I've never seen "protected" draft picks, but I like the idea. That's fine, I think, but we will need a way to keep track of it, and I think we need to limit the number of ways that they can be protected, simply to keep Chuck from a massive headache.

Now, for specifics:
Originally Posted by nuge2hall View Post
get Toews+Emery+Morin

get Bergeron+Thomas+Hamilton
No issues here, really. I can see the logic and value for both teams.

Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
2nd trade to announce;

Grachev (Prospect)
Mckenna (Throw in) Contracts G
Woywitka (Throw in) Contracts Skater

C Smith
J Smith G Prospect
J. Woywitka is 76 overall. He is not a simple throw-in for contract purposes. Including him violates both the 4 roster player and 6 asset rule. Maybe use Scott Ford (AHL D-TGH) instead. Otherwise, I think this is a fine deal that makes some sense. Shatty is the best player, but Blum is a decent replacement, and STL picks up some really good assets for the down-grade.

Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
Prospect Trade

Eckholm + 2013 3rd

Griffith and Knight
I thought the prospect thing was supposed to be one-for-one, but Chuck said above it could be 2-for-1. It doesn't say either explicitly in the league rules. The intent was to give people the option to re-balance their prospect pools with a simply swap. I think one-for-one does that more effectively, but we need to clarify things here.

Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
Trade to announce;

Tyler Myers
Patrick Kaleta

Ryan Ellis
Matt Halischuk
2014 1st
2015 1st

Originally Posted by Firefoxx View Post
Day one and Toews, Keith and Myers are all moved. Jesus you guys are busy eh
I'm not even sure if it counts as "Day 1," since games aren't playable yet.

But I fully agree: this isn't a promising start to league looking to stay sustainable and balanced long-term.

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