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12-18-2012, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by BigWheeler View Post
Hopefully the owners hang tight and don't cave.

Let the players BEG for their jobs back. But not for 50-50, tell them after the damage they've done to the league with their lockout, that now you need minimum 55%-60% in order to recoup your losses and potential losses since there's no WAY the league will make $3B again for a long time.
Oh I'm's a players imposed lockout? Or is it an owner imposed lockout? Because last I checked the legacy, inheritance,market manipulating, tax cheat, miserly, barely know anything about hockey, make $100 million a year in my other ventures but will lock out the NHL because I don't make enough from my "toy" owners who are locking out the league

These owners only deserve one thing. MOD

Jacobs company makes over 2.5 billion A YEAR. And he's being a petty ******* here quibbling over what amounts to be pennies. These NHL players grew up poor, most of their ***** off in a brutal sport where you're 1 injury away from having no career and no're washed up by 37-38 and likely lead a painful life in the aftermath due to nagging injuries...only to have a bunch of Mr. Burns misers who will make their billions whether the league plays or not turn the screws to you just to be vengeful. MOD

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