Thread: Proposal: Reid Boucher to Montreal!
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12-18-2012, 10:11 AM
Mad Habber
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
So as a gm the right strategy is to most of the time wait for other GM to call you?

in fact when you call for his specific player, his value doesnt increase instantly, what happen is the other teams will tell you the asking price to move him, not the bidding price around the league for him. This is the same asking price the player had yesterday or the month before, your call didn't change it.

if you have a car and you are not willing to sell him, but X $$ would convince you to sell it. If someone call you and inquire about your car, does you want more than X now?

This is not a fixed price market, every player have 2 differents value.

The reason i think NJ would accept my offer is : their left wing and center prospect pool arent deep and this trade would help balance it.

i also believe Holland and Bournival are slightly superior prospect. This is already a little overpayment. I would not throw in a 3th round! But maybe i could add a 6th, 7th round.

We are not talking about a blue chip prospect in Reid Boucher!
You call me and ask me to sell you my car. I won't be offering it to you at a discount. You call, I will raise the price a bit to make a few extra bucks. If you say no, I might lower the price a little. If I put an add in the paper, I might ask for the same price, but I'll lower it quicker and lower if no interest is shown. In the first scenario, you are already showing interest.

I see no point is trading a better prospect to acquire a lower one just because they played junior together. Boucher may never play in the NHL. Even if he does, I'm hoping for better linemates for our hopefully, future star center. We've seen how playing with lesser players does for the better players. We've watched Koivu play with second liners most of his Montreal career. We've seen Sundin in Toronto not play with players that were on his level. Galchenyuk will need to be surrounded by the best players we can play with, not borderline NHLers.

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