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12-18-2012, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
He is playing a dangerous game of chicken with the players financial futures on the line. Seems crazy to me and I have no idea how the players are staying unified on this.

Lockout or no lockout the NHL owners will be filthy rich.
Right, but if the lockout persists, some of those owners' rather large investments will be damaged to the point of insurmountable loss, potentially.

Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
For one, there was never going to be "windfalls" for the players. The fight was to keep what they already had or to lose minimally. Now as for Fehr, I truly don't believe that the guy cares about hockey, he only cares about his reputation of being the guy who can win for sports unions. He realistically has two alternatives: One is to think that he can still win what he set out to win, meaning that he doesn't respect that the owners won't concede further; or two, that to save face he tells that players that it appears they've got all their going to get. A third option wouldn't be good for Fehr in the long run, and that's that he continues to push on, and in the end the players (everyone) loses much much more. Personally, I think option 1 and option 3 are the same. The owners wouldn't be doing themselves any favors to concede even further.
People keep saying Fehr is in this for his ego; isn't the more likely scenario one of him just actually doing his job?

Ego or not, "saving face" or not, he was brought in by the PA to get them the best deal possible. Besides, if the NHL refuses to negotiate with him, doesn't that seem like more of an "ego" win than anything by proving he's so tough nobody wants to take him on?

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