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12-18-2012, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
I just don't understand. Maybe someone can explain to me why this is still going on? The players got their "make whole" money, a 50/50 revenue split is fair and was adopted recently by the NFL and NBA two leagues that are wildly more successful than the NHL, 5 year max contracts with an option for 7 if you re-sign with your team is fair and good for the sport, and a 10 year CBA is a must at this point for the league. You can not grow the league if they lock out every 6 years. What are the sticking points? Is it just me or are the players holding this up? I mean either way they are all going to be millionaires by playing hockey. Is the collective group of players really willing to lose a whole years pay; which most will never recoup, so that star players like Sidney Crosby can get max deals?????
It's just holding out on principle right now. In a way I can understand it. And I wouldn't expect them to go down without a fight. Anyone would fight a pay-cut. I would.

But there comes a point where in fighting for principles, you lose perspective. You focus more on what you don't have (or are losing) than what you have and are going to retain. Even after all this is over, even a 'crushing' victory for the owners, would still result in the players retaining salaries that makes their average representative a multi-millionaire after a year, a very good CBA relative to other NA sports, and extremely good benefits and care.

For the most part these players are proud, young, and yes...honorable men who I would not expect to go down with a fight. But pride and principles are now damaging their livelihood, and hurting something they love..the sport. It doesn't surprise me too much, because as a young man I cut off my nose to spite my face more than a few times.

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