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12-10-2003, 03:02 PM
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i took this in the Habrus board .Badcompany is the one who sent it .i know that it's a little bit long , but i think that it deserve to be read ...really good point of view

I don’t think you can send Bouillon to the minors, even if you thought you could slip him through waivers. Sending him to the minors would sort of destroy everything Bob and Claude are trying to accomplish here (anybody else notice how those initials form BC? hmmm…).

What Gainey said before the season started, and what Julien is trying to establish now, is accountability. Meritocracy. If you play well, if you buy into the system, if you do what the coach says, you will be rewarded. Pierre MacGuire was talking yesterday about how Scotty Bowman used to reward players with what he called “sugar time,” that is, prime minutes, away from checkers, on the powerplay, etc. In situations where they can excel. But it was only given as a reward. Do for me, and I’ll do for you.

So far, I think we have seen that. Which is why (partly) I think Julien is a much better coach than Therrien, who seemed to play favorites, and who kept on going back to the same, tired old players we had grown to love and hate, regardless of their performance on the ice. This year, Julien rewards players when they do as he says, and if they don’t, they sit. Perreault sat because Julien said he was giving an inconsistent effort in the defensive zone. Yanic acknowledged that, and while he is far from being a Selke candidate now, he at least tries. Audette sat, because he wasn’t producing. Ribeiro sat because he didn’t listen to the coach. Rivet has played like that stuff my dogs make me pick up every morning (and afternoon – I should go into the fertilizer business) so he ends up playing forward for 9 minutes a game.

Conversely, Dagenais lights up the AHL, so he gets promoted, even though I still think they had no plans for him in the NHL. Ryder shows grit and heart and effort, and finds himself on Koivu’s wing. When was the last time Montreal had a rookie playing on the top line? Begin has been the biggest surprise of the season (aside from Souray) and he gets to play 3rd line checking minutes, even though Kilger, in a perfect world, would be the better player for that position.

And then there is Bouillon. Sure, there really isn’t much future for him in Montreal, but he has been the hardest working, grittiest player we have. You CAN’T demote him for giving 110% every night, not on a team that is noted for giving somewhat less than said percentage. What kind of message would that send? Bouillon has been, arguably, a top 4 defenseman this year. Like Begin, his attitude is infectious, and these are exactly the type of characters Montreal needs more of.

However… ;-)

That doesn’t mean Hainsey/Komisarek shouldn’t play at all. One does have to build for the future after all, and that’s what this team is all about. As an aside, Hainsey and Komisarek are more or less the same player to me – we’ll call them “the rookie defenseman” or Komsey for short. Doesn’t matter which one is there, as long as ONE of them is there. But I digress. Komsey needs to be worked into games, but I am not one of those who thinks he needs to play top minutes all the time. He is practicing with the big team, and he is learning what it takes to be an NHLer. Get him into 50 or so games, and he will have had more than enough NHL experience. He doesn’t need to play 82 games to get his conditioning up, after all, he just need to be broken in. Komisarek has always been one with kind of weak confidence, and Hainsey had his shattered by the kerfluffle that was last year. Neither one of them (Komsey) need to be out there for 80 games, getting embarrassed on a nightly basis. Give them “sugar time” put them in situations where they can excel, and as long as they continue to work hard, and merit it, keep them going. Eventually they’ll be regulars.

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