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12-18-2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by blamebettman View Post
Oh I'm's a players imposed lockout? Or is it an owner imposed lockout? Because last I checked the legacy, inheritance,market manipulating, tax cheat, miserly, barely know anything about hockey, make $100 million a year in my other ventures but will lock out the NHL because I don't make enough from my "toy" owners who are locking out the league

These owners only deserve one thing. A sledgehammer across the skull.

Jacobs company makes over 2.5 billion A YEAR. And he's being a petty ******* here quibbling over what amounts to be pennies. These NHL players grew up poor, most of their ***** off in a brutal sport where you're 1 injury away from having no career and no're washed up by 37-38 and likely lead a painful life in the aftermath due to nagging injuries...only to have a bunch of Mr. Burns misers who will make their billions whether the league plays or not turn the screws to you just to be vengeful. Jacobs needs a slapshot to the face, literally. make his mangled 80 year old corpse search the ice for a tooth while he's gushing blood...maybe then he'll have some respect for players.
What separates an NHL player from a career AHLer like Darren Haydar or Simon Gamache? Their experiences are exactly the same, except they don't end up in the same place...are their injuries less real, is the threat of being released at the drop of a hat any less real?

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