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12-18-2012, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
Subban has an edge to his game that Myers doesn't. Consequently, it's not a wash. The biggest concern in Buffalo is a lack of team toughness. Would Subban allow his goalie to be ran over without some response? He would have dealt with that incident in a way that most likely garnered a suspension. Tyler Seguin, or one of the other skilled Bruins would have payed a high price for Lucic's action. The message would have been sent: "Don't do that, or serious consequences will result."
Yeah, this isn't true. The only edgy part to Subban's game compared to Myers is his open ice hitting, a facet Tyler has added to his game in recent years. Both guys are just as willing to work guys over in front of the net/along the boards and use their skating and reach to agitate opponents.

And what did PK do after Chara/Pac merely a season ago? Oh right, nothing. He's also never been suspended, so I really don't see where this mean streak comes into play here.

The actual argument for Subban over Myers is that he has an extra half-season of consistency, ending 2011 on a high note and carrying that play into all of last year, while Myers - likely due to nagging knee injuries - had another rough Fall. Personally, I don't think a combined five seasons is enough to not pick the guy with both the best upside and level of individual performance.

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