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12-18-2012, 11:30 AM
Jack de la Hoya
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Before we go any further in the league, is it worth considering the merits of an even faster pace?

The schedule outlined in the OP (three day, alternating playing and simming) will get us through approximately 4-5 seasons by late May. A season takes roughly 3 full weeks, with another week+ for the playoffs, and another week or so for the offseason. Assuming we get a slow start over the next few weeks because of the holidays...

Season 1 =January - early Feb.
Season 2 = early feb - mid March
Season 3 = mid March to late April
Season 4 = late April to late May
Season 5 = June

That's not a bad thing--four or five is more than most leagues get to.

On the other hand, very few leagues are set up to get through 7-8 seasons while still playing half the league games and all playoff games. Moving from a three-day schedule to a two-day schedule would all this to be one of them.

It would require a significant commitment from the people in the league to get their games in--but the CPU-playability component (and a zero-tolerance policy for DNFs) mitigates that a bit.

I'm not sure its the way to go. I'm not sure it is even doable. I'm not sure Chuck would go for it. But it is worth considering now, before we get started.

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