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Originally Posted by domdo345 View Post
I am fully aware he might slump in the NHL. There's no harm to that. Playing 1vs1 in the corners against NHL Dman will develop him much more than scoring 5 pts in the OHL. Picking the corners versus Miller will develop him much more than any goalies he<s facing right now. Heck, in the vid with the 2 games combined, he does a turnover at the blue line and backchecked to break the 3 vs 1. No way he can recover that mistake in the NHL.

I don't know if you guys ever played high level of hockey but in any occasion, if you can follow a league that is an higher level than you are currently playing, you will develop much faster. And I truly think Gally will have no problem following the NHL's tempo.
Let's agree to disagree. I do not doubt that for Gally's pure skill development, yes, playing in the NHL will be the most expedient thing to do for him.

But that's not the point I am trying to make here. I do not worry about Gally's skill progression, I worry about his capacity to go on high regime for extended periods of time. You do not shift from 1st to 4th gear immediately.

For Galchenyuk's overall development, be it in term of skill, intensity, energy, etc.. I believe it will be optimal if he is given the chance to continuously dominate the OHL and keep up a high regime there, THEN join his NHL club for the playoffs or next year training camp.

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