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12-18-2012, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by CootaRoo View Post
I just don't see why Joseph is THAT much more highly thought of than Valle. Defensively, Joseph has thrown runners out better than Valle, but Valle has been better overall (though Joseph has gotten better since his 19 PB in 65 games in A in 2010). Offensively, they both have had similiar numbers (though admittedly with a 1 year age difference skewed towards Joseph) at every level (with A+ being the one marked difference with a 80 point OPS difference in Joseph's favor) particuliarly last year in AA (.715 vs. .716 OPS). Joseph takes walks better, but Valle has more power and, imo, the former is teachable and the latter is not.
Valle and Joseph have similar SLG, which many scouts would say is probably a better predictor than HR totals. Joseph definitely didn't show much progression last year, whereas Valle has been pretty stagnant for 2 seasons.

I am really not that excited about either, but as catchers, they get a "we'll see" tag.

Overall, I hate BA's rankings and frankly have found them to be a generally poor predictor of future success at the big league level. I love guys like Maikel Franco a lot more than are typically reflected in BA rankings. They tend to be extremely cautious about guys that make rapid, but progressive improvements and linger too long on higher draft picks that don't develop that much.

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