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12-18-2012, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Yeah, I'm not living under a rock. I am aware of what people think Kane "will be".
He hasn't even played in his peak years, and he potted 30g playing second line minutes with sub par line mates. Your going to tell me that playing on the first line, with a good player shovelling him passes he wont become a forty goal scorer? He also had thirty goals after missing a chuck of time.

Its called extrapolation. Its really not that hard. You can throw quotations around "will be" until the cows come home, but you have yet to actually say one thing thats actually well thought out. There is no way that Alex Steen(while a fine player) is the best player in this deal.

This isn't even to mention that the Jets roster doesn't lack as much depth as it would seem. Scheifele is almost NHL ready, if he's not already. Even with out him our top nine dept looks like this...


Its really pretty decent depth, and we have no need to open a gaping hole by trading what looks to be a pretty outstanding goalscorer for two lesser players. After Scheifele makes the team, he'll slot into at least the second line at either the wing or centre(he's playing wing Huberdeau and RNH on the top line at WJC), that makes a guy like Wellwood obsolete, leaving very little in the way of weakness in our line up.

While I may have never seen Kaner score 40g, I don't think its too much of a reach to say that he will, when he reached the thirty goal plateau at 20 yrs old.

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