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12-18-2012, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
I just don't understand. Maybe someone can explain to me why this is still going on? The players got their "make whole" money, a 50/50 revenue split is fair and was adopted recently by the NFL and NBA two leagues that are wildly more successful than the NHL, 5 year max contracts with an option for 7 if you re-sign with your team is fair and good for the sport, and a 10 year CBA is a must at this point for the league. You can not grow the league if they lock out every 6 years. What are the sticking points? Is it just me or are the players holding this up? I mean either way they are all going to be millionaires by playing hockey. Is the collective group of players really willing to lose a whole years pay; which most will never recoup, so that star players like Sidney Crosby can get max deals?????
The players began negotiations by coughing up 7% of revenue. I don't understand why people think they should just cave and let the owners have whatever they want. You do understand that the owner's demands will never stop right? As I have stated before, the next lockout is already planned. If the players don't make this one hurt then the next lockout is inevitable. Personally I believe it already is.

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