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12-18-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by PoolChamp View Post
Simmonds isn't worth Edlers jock strap
I'd be listening, I'd love to hear what the + is. We have plenty of tweeners, but Simmonds does have an element of physicality I think we could use. Simmonds+1st I don't think cuts it though, unless Philidelphia is planning to nose-dive, a late first doesn't help us all that much.

Originally Posted by live playoff hockey View Post
I was responding to a poster that said that he would trade edler straight up for kessel an I strongly beg to differ, I would expect another piece back for both Alex and Cory.
I'd be wanting Kessel+Gardiner for both. Schneider is nearly a non-starter anyway, and Edler is on par with Phaneuf for the calibre of player we're talking about. We'd have to tweak a little bit, but those are the two pieces I'd want for our them. Kessel > Edler (I'm assuming Toronto would want negotiating rights) and Schneider > Gardiner (I remember a few trades being thrown around centred around that).

Originally Posted by guyzeur View Post
Sens have:


Wiercioch/Claesson/Mikael Wikstrand/Cody Ceci


1st proposal: Edler

Bishop, so you have a backup to Luongo/Schneider
And one of Wiercioch/Wikstrand/Claesson

Then you can trade either Luongo/Schneider in a separate trade

1B proposal: Edler

2nd proposal: Edler + Luongo
One of Wiercioch/Wikstrand/Claesson
Anderson (2M cheaper and 2 years younger)

3rd proposal: Edler + Schneider
Not really interested since we have Lehner waiting.

You're best value is to make 2 trades IMO
1A: We have a top prospect ready to be our back up in Lack, so while I like Bishop, I don't know that he'd be needed.

1B: Ceci and Zbad would be a great return if we were rebuilding, but we're looking to compete now.

2: Same general complaint, but I'd consider it more if the cap does drop, as we clear 8.58 and take 2 back. I think the value is still tilted in Ottawa's side though.

Unless I am woefully out of the loop with Ottawa's prospects (it's possible I am), that we take a small increase, from Ceci to one of the other defenders, and Anderson, for the addition of Luongo. That just doesn't seem worth it to me either.

3: Yeah, I'd kind of want Spezza back, and that will go over very well with both fan bases So let's just say not a fit for both of us there.

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