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12-18-2012, 12:24 PM
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[QUOTE=Number8;56645595]So the players are wealthy. Big deal. So are the owners -- in most cases many many times more so. Your argument that that somehow justifies a bogus initial offer is like me coming to you and saying "hey, I see you just paid off your mortgage -- now that you can afford it I'm raising your property taxes by a couple grand a year".

I'm not saying these guys aren't lucky and or tremendously blessed. I was just saying that anyone who can casually say that the players should have just chuckled at the first low ball offer and not been offended is not operating in reality -- and I don't care how little or much you make.

And as far as the bolded goes, this is a lockout, not a strike.

Bottom line is the NHL came in with an obnoxious offer at the outset. Either they are fools (perhaps this is true given how badly they screwed the math in the last CBA despite wide acceptance that they "won" that round) or they wanted the lockout in place for several months or the whole year to begin with. Either way, it paints them in an entirely unpleasant light.[/QUOTE]

I agree with all of the bolded.

My point is that if the PA are still worked up about that now, 6 or 8 or 10 weeks into it, and are stubbornly losing more of the season because the intial offer was low-ball, than they themselves are being fools.

Edit: 12 or 13 weeks into it.

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