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12-18-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Yourface View Post
I could never ever see him scoring 40 on a regular basis (maybe once in his career) due to a lack of hockey sense and bad hands. Last year, I found he scored a lot of flukey goals from far out. I honestly don't see his goal totals being consistent from year to year.
Lack of hockey sense...I agree with. Bad hands? What are you smoking? And where can I get some? Granted he's not Datsyuk or anything, but to say he has "Bad" hands is very strong. He has pretty good hands.

I'm sure that some goals are flukey, but there is no way that he managed score enough "flukey" goals to truly make a difference in what his development looks like. If all of what you said was true and he was just lucky a lot of the time there is no way that Chevy would have offered him that fat contract.

Your also leaving out the abilities of his line mates. Burmi is a good player, and I truly hope that he gets it this season., but last season he wasn't producing at a top six level. Wellwood, while having great hockey sense, definitely benefitted from Kane's good year and a high shooting percentage. He really belongs on the third line. Thats where I would have him pencilled in.

I fully expect Kane to hover around 38-42g a season. He may have off years and stuff, but I highly doubt that he sinks very low. I think 30g is going to be his low end from now on.

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