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12-18-2012, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
We are sort of in the same boat, with a lack of high end scoring talent. We have the goalies as higher end moving pieces, or debatably Edler, but the Sedins aren't moving, and I don't see Kesler or Burrows either. Prospects...well I guess any of them can be added, it is Kovalchuk after all, but I don't think our roster forwards that we can afford to move have a ton of value.

Booth+Gaunce+Schroeder+1st or Booth+Raymond+Jensen+1st....I mean, is that even in the ball park?

I wasn't expecting any super high end forwards, since that's what you're trying to add with Kovalchuk. Both offers are...meh. Booth is probably a must from a cap perspective, Raymond is a good addition, Jensen and Gaunce are both good pieces (Jensen more so). Schroeder isn't really an attractive piece to me, but I can't speak for the Devils, and the 1st is obviously a good piece. Neither package makes me want to give up Kovalchuk, but if he requested a trade or we were forced to deal him, the second package I could maybe live with. I feel like another team would give us a better deal though (Booth and Raymond aren't really conducive to a rebuild, which is what NJ would be doing without Kovy)

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