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12-18-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by bluesfan94 View Post
Watch him play. He's consistent. Also, he had 51 points in 2010-11. In 7 seasons, he's had under 40 points 3 times, one being his sophomore season (35), one being the year he was traded (28), and one being last year when he was hurt for half the season and still had 28 points in 43 games (53 pt pace). He's scored 20+ goals two of the last three years, the only exception again being last year when he scored 15 in 43 games, a 29 goal pace. He's improved every year he's been on the Blues. He's an assistant captain. His two way ability is phenomenal. He can play on all 4 lines, and he plays on our 3rd line.
Being on pace for...means very little to me. I know what it means, but an 82 game scedule is very long and there is no garuntee that his pace would have been maintained. In your post you have offered me very little evidence that would support a decision to move a player that has proven more offensively at 20, then Steen has at 28. what I'm seeing from Steen is a consistent 40-50pt. scorer(I must have misread his stat sheet). While I realize that stats are not everything, and that Steen brings a lot to the table that isn't reflected on his stat sheet, I don't see a reason to part with a kid that has potted 30g, with inferior line mates that hasn't even realized his full potential.

Do not get me wrong, I'd be interested in acquiring both Steen and Stewart...but it would not be at the cost of Evander Kane. I just don't think that this move is in the best interest of our franchise.

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