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12-18-2012, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post

I am very interested to see how the Isles do in their building/location. I think that they will do great but haven't anything to base that one other than wanting to see them succeed.

I am hoping that one of the other teams end up in Quebec but really only one seems possible (Pho).

But that being said I guess relocation could help. Seattle, Quebec, Portland Ore and Wiscon could all possibly do well as NHL cities.
Here is a point that seems to evade many people, and I was educated on it as well so it's not coming directly from me... Regardless of whether certain weak economic franchises are contracted or relocated to potentially stronger markets (assuming enough stronger markets exist or are available to replace all the supposed currently weak markets), the potential positive result of that is that the revenue average would increase. Fine, sounds good. But wait! Go back and look at the total list of all NHL teams and see just how many are on the bubble, just making it by with minimal minus numbers or minimal plus numbers. Now, conditions change and the Revenues average goes higher, thus allowing player salaries to go higher. What's likely to happen to various of those teams which are currently on the economic bubble? Now all those economically weaker teams that were either contracted or relocated have been replaced by another group of teams struggling to stay alive.

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