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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I don't think it makes too much sense to resign another defensive defenseman to a multi year deal at this point, whether it's O'Byrne or Regehr. I wish they would have not felt panicked to sign Zanon, and then could have more options.
I'm not sure it was a panic move really, I doubt very much that they signed him to play in a top-3 role, I think that would be a pretty big stretch for this player. I think Zanon will give the Avs some solid minutes but as a 4-6 guy.

With this coaching staff though, I wouldn't be surprised if they pair him up with EJ and try to see if they can develop a 'Scuderi-Doughty' kind of thing.

EJ - #1
Wilson - #2 -> (because there is no real #2 right now)
Hejda - #3 -> a decent #3...for now
O'Byrne - #4 -> Hejda's partner, they have chemistry from last season
Zanon - #5 -> will be solid at this spot
O'Brien - #6 -> on the bottom pairing, limiting his minutes, I have no problem with SoB here
Hunwick - #7 -> available when needed

For me this seems like the most logical lineup to start the season. Depending on how they play, I would expect Sacco to swap out and match Wilson, Zanon and O'Brien with EJ.

So when you take a step back and look at our D globally, you see our biggest need is a true #2 pairing guy to play with EJ. (I think ALL Avs fans agree this is our biggest need)

So if a TRADE were to be orchestrated to acquire one, it is very possible that the team trade to us would require a player back in exchange for the D-man they just sent us.

For example: The Montreal Canadiens have grown tired of Andrei Markov and all his injuries and they aren't going to re-sign him. They've decided to move him and try to get younger and grittier. The Avs are interested and offer up Ryan Wilson + 2nd round pick.

[this is hypothetical to prove a point, don't worry about value or whether it's fair or if we should even do it]

To Mtl:
2nd round pick

To Col:

So the point is, if we DON'T sign a guy like Zanon and make a trade like this one, then we end up with O'Brien and Hunwick on the bottom pairing. Hunwick has been a good soldier and good fill-in guy for injuries and while he looked much better in that role last season, he was so god-awful after his trade to the Avs, it would be preferable to keep him as a 'fill-in' guy. PLUS, if we have any injuries for a significant amount of time, we have to bring up Barrie, Elliott or Gaunce and ALL of those guys still need to shore up their defensive game.

This is just one scenario, there could be a bunch of teams wanting to get younger and certainly CHEAPER and when you have a guy like Wilson signed for 3 years at $2.25M per, that could certainly be attractive from that standpoint.

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