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12-18-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
Who he includes versus excludes is sketchy at best. Vincour being left off makes sense, he's an NHL guy it's just a matter of where in the lineup he plateau's at. Eakin I can kind of also understand as he's played with Washington and still not many of us have seen him personally but to leave off Fraser and Dillion is strange.

Regardless he's way way too high on G. Smith and A. Smith. Too low on Lindell and right now if you're measuring Stransky versus Faska Stransky is the better player and probably more likely to be a solid top six winger where Faska may or may not become a good second line center.

Winther doesn't get enough love nor does Vance. Bystrom and Molin are going to be the two names talked about next year when they come to NA.

It's just nice to have more than three or four guys to talk about. It's the one truly positive thing I have to say about JN as GM. Les Jackson has been the best thing for this franchise since he joined.
Remember for Dillon, most of us had him as a lock to make the big club. I'm sure that was a big reason he was left off. Fraser makes no sense, though. Agreed on Winther big time, and Vance too. Pretty dang excited for Bystrom, and especially Molin.


I'm glad to see Oleksiak getting the #1. Well deserved. That could have gone to either him or Ritchie. And I'm totally with Mark on this one. He's way closer to NHL ready than we had previously thought in the summer. He can probably jump next season. Stransky could have been a little bit higher.

1. Oleksiak
2. Ritchie
3. R. Smith
4. Stransky
5. Faksa
6. Chiasson
7. Campbell

A little off from what I said the other day, but it could go either way really.

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