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Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post
Rinne and Luongo have posted similar stats, except Rinne has a very defensive minded team in front of him. This upcoming season will speak volumes as to Rinne's actual ability. Lu also should be above Ward as Ward has only posted better stats then him once. Inferior team, I get it. But his numbers have hovered around .915, his highest being .923. Ward has posted in and around .915-.916 in a run and gun style, similar to Vancouver, three times. The other seasons were a flash in the pan .923 and then a .904 and a disimal .897. the fact that Ward was terrible for team Canada at the world cup of hockey speaks volumes. Is he top ten, absolutely. Top five, not in this life time.

Can we make a case for him for Sochi...well yea. It's not like Canada is flush with goalies ATM. Lu would probably start again, but he'll be like 36/37 so while he'll prolly be there, I think Price is Canada's goalie going forward. Ward will prolly slot in at 3.

I'm not even really being dismissive of him. It's not like I said, Ward ****ing sucks, he's just not top five, IMO. Being 6,7,or 8 is still nothing to sneeze at.
I like Cam, but I have long thought him to be overrated after that early playoff run.

I'd say he is a bottom end of the top 10 goalie, but not really in the top 5 convo.

If you want to look at post lockout numbers:

Lu is the only Canadian in the top 10.

For a better read on right now, here are the top goalies over the last 4 years. Minimum 80 GP

Lu and ward make the top 10.

Pavi is #37

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