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12-18-2012, 02:12 PM
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IF DoI goes through and IF contracts are voided, I believe the NHL has a plan.

Now, I have NO facts or sources to back this. I do believe however that the NHL will amalgamate. They will give every owner a share of the league based on revenue percentage. In this way, they have complete control over 'staffing' the league.

Goodbye guaranteed contracts. Goodbye players bargaining power. The league will probably assign players who's rights are currently held by a team to that team. Those who are legitimate free agents will probably be free to sign with whomever under salary caps set by the league.

There is no way at all I can see this ending well for the players.

Most likely? The players will back down, knowing they don't have a case

Second most likely? The judge will tell them to f off, knowing full well this is not a legitimate DoI but rather a tactic.

The ONLY way this works out well for the players is if the NHL buckles (not happening) or if they are successful with DoI and the NHL somehow fails at amalgamating, or the players successfully sue the league.

I put the chances of this ending well for the players at about 2%. They put their hopes in the hands of a madman and have already paid an enormous cost.

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