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12-18-2012, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
I wasn't expecting any super high end forwards, since that's what you're trying to add with Kovalchuk. Both offers are...meh. Booth is probably a must from a cap perspective, Raymond is a good addition, Jensen and Gaunce are both good pieces (Jensen more so). Schroeder isn't really an attractive piece to me, but I can't speak for the Devils, and the 1st is obviously a good piece. Neither package makes me want to give up Kovalchuk, but if he requested a trade or we were forced to deal him, the second package I could maybe live with. I feel like another team would give us a better deal though (Booth and Raymond aren't really conducive to a rebuild, which is what NJ would be doing without Kovy)
Raymond/Booth would more be a bandaid solution for losing a winger. Kovalchuk, obviously, is a tik higher then Booth, or several, what ever, but he has experience playing top line minutes in Florida, and his skills have translated over in Vancouver in his short time with us.

Raymond I thought would have been worth less than Schroeder, hence his inclusion from my side, but if he fills a gap for the Devils, I am more then happy to include him in other proposals.

I too prefer Jensen from what I have seen,and honestly, that's the hardest piece for me to give up in that package of 6 pieces. Gaunce won't be a bad player either, but I sorta think he will be more a Kesler kind of player, not a Henrik.

It sounds like the pieces are well received, but there isn't enough value to them individually to justify a trade. So no more, I'd rather quality then quantity as well for a star player. You've said no to Schneider as a main piece at this time, but what about Edler? Even if a lesser defenseman is included back from the Devils? And lastly, is there a way you could tweek my proposal(s) to make them more palpable to the Devils needs/wants and not include one of our top 4 forwards or Hamhuis?

Originally Posted by luongo321 View Post
Gonna take a lot more than that.
Well, Schroeder kinda looks like an ahl'er. Raymond is always good if you want someone to trip over the blue line.

I would say not even close on either. Booth has no vision. I still don't mind him though. Hoping him and a healthy kesler can do some damage, but neither like to or know how to pass. We really need a playmaker for those two. I wish we had patrick kane (minus how much of a schmuck he is off of the ice).
Raymond isn't as bad as that, but he's certainly not a fit here on the fourth line. Schroeder I am still holding hope for, but if he's next to worthless to other teams, I'm happy to keep him and see if he pans out.

Booth is fast, fairly physical (although he definitely needs to add some strength IMO) and has hands, but my only concern from his play is his health, having just one 82 game season his whole career. I wouldn't he is totally devoid of vision or hockey sense, but it's definately not a strength. You don't score 20 goals in this league, twice, let alone a thirty goal season, on nothing but pluck and luck. I'd rather keep Booth as well....but I mean, c'mon, it's Kovalchuk, right? I won't shed tears about how good Booth and Kesler could have been with a playmaker if it means one of the best snipers in the game coming our way.

Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
I know what you mean but it still sounds strange with a team that had two guys that won the Art Ross trophy in two of the last three years.

IMHO, bigger problems are the huge drop-off in goal scoring ability in our the bottom six.
Sorry, I wrote that this morning. Good clarification. This is exactly what I wanted to say. But in the event that the Sedin Machine is shut down, we haven't got anyone we can rely. Good save, Mr. Gumble. Outside of the Sedins, whom we have no desire or need to trade, our offence is less than reliable.

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