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12-18-2012, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Iggy77 View Post
They think they can get a good deal with a guaranteed share/escrow cap in place and have the NHL take most of the financial damage from the lockout.

This is the revenge/payback for the last lockout which I think is a key goal for them to discourage future lockouts. If the NHL suffers massive financial damage from the lockout (and it will) and the players can walk away relatively unscathed, the NHL will be far more reluctant to lock them out again in the future giving the players more leverage in future negotiations (such as removing the cap).

Fehr is following the MLB playbook. Damage the league/owners pocketybooks enough to discourage them for taking a hardline stance vs. the players in the future. Obviously he cannot sue for collusion or go on strike here so this is all he has right now.
Exactly what I have been saying. If this lockout doesn't cause the owners some pain they will just do it again. After all they are unwilling to fix the actual problems of failing markets. They will come back to the players again for more concessions. It will never stop until the players play for free.

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