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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
This is a thinly veiled argument from authority. Not very classy, from an alleged attorney.

"X holds that A is true.
X is a legitimate expert on the subject matter.
The consensus of subject-matter experts agrees with X.
Therefore, there exists a presumption that A is true."

I deal with Acts every day. You're not going to hoodwink me.
Ok, I guess you are right. Once again you have failed to point out why I am wrong, other than the fact that you deal with acts every day (not the act we are talking about, but acts in general) without explaining what it is you do with them or why it would make me wrong or give you any insight as to why you are right. But I guess you are right. Damn, if you are not a lawyer, you should be one.

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, what is it that you do with acts? Are you an attorney? Paralegal? Secretary? Senator? Congressman? Proofreader? Law clerk? Archivist? Librarian? Law student? Legal assistant? College student? Courier? Professor? Police officer? Something I may have missed that would require you to deal with acts?

EDIT EDIT: As far as the classiness related to what I posted and the fact that you think I may or may not be an attorney...this is an internet message board. I am willing to bet there are plenty of posters within this and other forums whose posts would not be considered "classy" in whichever profession they may hold.

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