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12-18-2012, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by countrygentleman View Post
Anyone given some thought as to whether this could be the end of the NHL and we just don't realize it?

No 'big four' sports league in the US has ever completely dissolved. There have been tons of other small leagues that have be absorbed by the 'big four' league or just shut down completely, but a big four has never been shut down. Could it be we simply don't recognize what the beginning of a big sports league dissolution looks like and this is the beginning of the end?
I've thought about it...and if it gets gummed up in the court system I think there would be a real possibility that the NHL ceases to exist. However I really doubt that it will get THAT far. A preliminary ruling one way or the other and the side on the short end of that ruling probably caves.

Of course I hope it does not get to that point, but since neither side wants to negotiate at this point, I think it may be inevitable.

Anyone here familiar with the doomsday clock? How many minutes to midnight would you say we have with the NHL and the Players? 2? 3?

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