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12-18-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
I disagree with those last 3. Cechmanek had a peak that was high enough(despite how short it was) to warrant selection here. Cechmanek is a bad pick in the AAA draft being a 3-time top 5 goalie in a deep talent pool, and Bill Barilko belongs in the ATD for playing 5 seasons, not doing anything of note, and dying? There's some real modern bias going here where the stigmas attached to players are getting in people's ways of realizing their actual accomplishments. Cheechoo is the same thing. Same thing can be seen by the fact that nowhere does Mike Ribeiro even get a mention in AS voting, despite being an elite offensive force at this level.
70s asked me to vote for for AS Teams, so I did. But I didn't vote for standings. And I agree with basically everything you say here. 20 years from now, will anyone consider a guy who led the NHL in goals a bad pick at the AAA level, even if he obviously leached off his center? I doubt it. Not that Cheechoo is a great pick or anything.

I voted Ribeiro an allstar, though I'm fond of him... actually I can't stand him, but I'm fond of the ATD version of him, since winning MLD2011 with him.

On the other hand, it's a lot easier to vote for modern players you know are scrubs. An older player might be a scrub, but you might just assume you don't know something about him and not vote him a bad pick!

The one, by far, that I disagree with most is Erat. He's a remarkably consistent offensive player that has a higher adjusted PPG than Olli Jokinen(albeit in about 400 less games). His adjusted PPG is .716 over 687 games!! He's a great spare. He doesn't have a great peak, but he's a sure bet for 50 points every single year, and that's not something a lot of players at this level can say.
On the other hand, I voted Erat a bad pick. Though since I didn't follow the draft as closely as you guys, I was at a disadvantage here. I knew what players I liked, but not necessarily what ones I didn't like. (Well, I didn't have trouble voting Gorges 1st)

That said, is the case for Erat just that he played a long time on a scoring line? Did he ever actually stand out? Maybe I missed the boat here, but just playing a long time on a scoring line, a player is going to pick up points, right?

Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
I question if hes an ATDer at all (Barilko not LL).
I would not select him in the ATD

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