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12-18-2012, 04:39 PM
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Here's my twist to see if the Junior team could win:

2005 Team Canada WJ U20 vs. 1972-73 New York Islanders

This is in the years of expansion in the NHL, not just for the Islanders and the Atlanta Flames, but the NHL had already ust recently added 14 other NHL teams to the original 6.

Further, the WHA was vying against the NHL and poaching some of the star talent from the NHL ranks, making the NHL a slightly watered down version of itself.

This would effectively mean the Islanders in 1972 were probably one of the worst NHL teams in League history. Furthermore, athletic conditioning and training was much less developped in that era, meaning that the 2005 roster would be much better equipped, not just mentally but physically, to compete against the Islanders.

I would think that this game would be close, but I would give the edge to Team Canada. It would be a high-scoring affair though, as the weakest areas on both teams are goaltending and defense.

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