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12-18-2012, 04:39 PM
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As Jarick said it.

Simplified case:

You own a hockey team. There are 5 players + goalie, coach + 2 other staff members. Two games. One is home game and one is away.

You've got 10 spectators in a home game and each give you $10 / ticket. Then you sell four hot dogs and four beers. You get $120 from one home game.

Players have salary $5 / game. $5 * 2 (games)* 6 (players) is $60.
You've rented an outdoor rink for $25 (home game).
You pay your staff, the guy who printed and sold the tickets plus one who sold those beers and hot dogs. Let's say $15 all together (including coaches/staff, 2 games)

Costs are now $100. But there's still another game. Away game. You've got to buy some railway tickets and feed your staff and players once. It makes $30. No income from away game.

In the end, you've got revenue $120. Players had their 50% ($60) but you've spend $130. It's $10 loss. You must pay it from your own pocket. That's how an owner can make losses, even though he "gets" 50% of revenue.

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