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12-18-2012, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Heista18 View Post
Colorado must have something else in that water of theirs. It's like they all message each other to hound on leaf proposals as soon as there is one. All you'll get is their incredibly funny sarcastic remarks and dynamite evaluations on Leaf players, and/or most importantly their god given talented players. ASK 'em about their Ahl roster. They could all teach Bozak a thing or two I'm sure.

On the topic at hand though, JVR + Kadri is already overboard for Duchene. Think whatever you want value wise, but I know these two players very well. The talent is extremely high with a pair like that being put on the table... For that reason, you BETTER see equal talent coming the other way. I wouldn't target Duchene at this point, especially if I'm losing two key players for the future. I'd go a different route for a centre without losing this duo. Like I said, this is my own evalution on these two.

As for Duchene, he's extremely talented as well, no doubt about that. Maybe it doesn't make sense to give up on your top centre, but don't go out of your way to make it seem like the trade isn't on point because those two paired together in a package is much more valuable than kuli and Kadri together. IF you'll remember, those are the two which would have net us Richards or Carter. LEGITIMATE, PROVEN, TEAM CANADA Senior players.

Let's hear a few more Bozak disses while we're at it Calarada.
So... You are dismissing our opinion...with your opinion? Great work there buddy. You got us!! We are all drinking something else down here in Colorado since you said so!! Hey look, more sarcasm. Still not as funny as HockeyGuruPitka though. That guy is hilarious. Yep, I'm sure you know more about Leaf players than we do. What's funny is you then state JVR+Kadri is more than enough for Duchene. I fancy we know a tad more about Duchene than you do. Might be overrating JVR a bit as well. He's not a god given talent, sorry. He's only hit 40 points once. You want to talk about overrating? Hmm....who's more overrated, the 21 year old center who almost hit 70 points, or the 23 year old winger who has only hit 40, but with a prospect added, is more than enough for said center. You wonder why we post in Leaf threads...? We don't. We only post in Avs threads. Hey, why are you in an Avs thread??? Hey, you can actually look at something from two ways, you know that, right? Oh, and can I please see the link where Kadri+Kulemin could have gotten Richards? Oh, and they both had a lot more value then btw. A lot has changed for both of them since then. Nice try though. Oh, and I don't know who you think we are...but we are Colorado fans, not Calarada

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