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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
Good post,I agree with everything you say,geez 2 and 1/2 years from 2 mem cups and then a final 4,start a rebuild and then the world is caving in when success is not instant
Have they disappointed in the 1st half yes they have overall
Goaltending has not been an issue,defence is young and improving,though we need to see more,upfront not nearly enough talent,though I do think at least 4 or 5 can produce more
While it has nothing to do with next yr the loss of Khoklachev for this year has certainly contributed,he has not been replaced and loss of his production has been felt throughout the lineup,affecting all 3 lines,my guess if he were here the Spits would be probably have 6-8 more pts putting them right there with Sarnia for the division,and Kitchener for the conference,maybe 4 or 5th overall
Think Sarnia without Galchenyuk or Puempel for Kitchener,or Kosmachuck for Guelph,it makes a difference not an excuse a factor
Spitfires record against the 4 1st place teams in the leagues divisions is a respectable 3-3-1-1
It goes like this
London- 1-1
Its Owen Sd 0-3,the last 2 on the road,and Plymouth 0-2,both losses on the road thats been a problem,of course Plymouth always wins in the reg season against,not in the playoffs as all remember
Its inconsistency that has hampered this team all season,no more evident then the last 3 games prior to the break
Windsor"s best players have not been their best and a big reason for the stumbling of late
Even you just said they have been a disappointment. Let's keep in mind this is all results oriented. What have you seen from this organization over the past 1.5 years that leads you to believe they will be championship caliber next year and win the OHL and Memorial Cup? Do you believe if they did not make a single move that this core is good enough to do the job? Add 2 imports, add another OA or two and they can win it all? I don't think anybody really believes that and it would just be off wishing and hoping nothing based on what you have seen from the on ice product.

Actually if you think about it success overnight isn't unheard of and you can turn it over quickly. Look at what Windsor did from 06-07 to 07-08. Look at Niagara they were poor when they dealt Pieterangelo away to Barrie. They got Strome back to go with a core of Hamilton x2, Agozzino, Friesen, Fritsch (later traded). They didn't have Lessio report so they got a couple high picks in Graham and Mercer and the next year they went to the East Final and the year after they went to the OHL Finals.

Look at what happened with Barrie after their run to the OHL championship series. They were awful but got Ekblad and last year they made it to game 7 of the 2nd round. They acquired Scheifele during their poor year, last year they get OConnor, Camara. Guys like Pearson and Hall develop. Byers starts to develop, they make a deal for Athanasiou, make a good import pick in Niederberger and they are in business as a contender.

Look at what Guelph has done. 2 years ago they weren't that good. Since then they have drafted Finn, Dickinson, Auger, Fabbri, Leslie, Kosmachuk, Garlent, McGinn. Good supporting cast in Richard, Mitchell and Pedan. Last year they are a 6th seed and now they have taken off this year almost at a .650 winning %. A lot of those players are going to be returning next year they are in better shape than Windsor and they also have a 1st rounder in 2013 to add to that core. In two years they have turned it around.

We can talk about Khokhlachev but remember Rychel had a chance to rectify that issue with that top 15 import pick and they whiffed. We aren't talking about a zero sum game here just because Khokhlachev left doesn't prohibit Windsor from improving and players developing. Plymouth had JT Miller sent to the AHL I am sure he would have helped. Sarnia lost Yakupov not to the NHL, but to the KHL and they are on top of the west division.

When Rychel talks about this being the toughest the west has been since he got to the OHL I think a lot of that is a cop out. First his own team isn't as good as it has been in the past. What makes the west so tough? Midwest division is very solid but there's nothing special about the west division, Sarnia leads and then there's a bunch of mediocre teams.

Maybe like you said earlier Rychel burning his bridges with other organizations has really hindered his ability to do business. Unless he wants to mend those fences nobody is in a hurry to help him out.

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