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Originally Posted by BrainOfJ View Post
I'm talking about last year...responding to you saying that Thomas fell off(a fall off many goalies would kill for)..the team was awful last year outside of a 2 month stretch...and then Rask went down and Thomas was asked to seriously extend himself at the end of the year.

You're making your argument sound like even if Thomas was wouldn't want him...which is just flat out dumb. If your argument is really just "well the Thomas era is over" than why are you bringing all of these fake stanley cup %'s and hypothetical drop offs to the table?

Khudobin hasnt shown a thing passed game 81 between two playoff bound teams playing their scrubs. No doubt he looked good in that game...but I would muuuuuuuch rather have Rask-Thomas...especially with Rask's lack of durability through his career so far. I don't doubt the Bruins would too.
1) I wasn't the one who said that Thomas has fallen off.

2) If Thomas doesn't want to play for the Bruins, how could I root for someone who is more worried about taking time off than competing and completing his contract like every other player does?

3) I think everyone would prefer to roll with a Thomas-Rask tandem as it would be the best chance of us winning in the year or two that Thomas has left (that's if he is even healthy and can keep performing at a high level despite him being 40 pretty soon). But Rask to me has more than enough talent and capability of taking the team over.

4) You're *****ing about the team not playing in front of Thomas? I'll one up you on that regard, how about when the whole team fell flat on their faces back in 2010 against the Flyers? Rask has shown he can hang with the best goalies in the game, at such a young age too. Everybody calls Rask out on that series, yet we had half the team we did in 2010 than in 2011.

No doubt Thomas is a great goalie, I'm not disputing that at all. I just would rather go in a different direction in goal, Rask is great and has all the tools to be successful. With the Bruins defensive system, he should do just fine just like Thomas has been doing.

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