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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Ribeiro > Raleigh is the kind of conclusion that shines a light on the flaws of ATD-style stat obsession.

Putting aside the hair-splitting of obscure stats, single-digit voting for the Byng, and all the other noise, what has Ribeiro actually done in the NHL to vault his career over that of an Original Six star? What is the highlight of Mike Ribeiro's career? What is he best known for?
How are they obscure stats? If I'm comparing an O6 guy to a modern guy, is there a more cut and dry stat than using Vs2? I didn't mention Lady Byng at all because it doesn't mean anything. I'm not sure I'd call Raleigh a "star". This is the AAA draft, none of these guys are stars. Here's something you cannot debate. People have said that Raleigh's teams were terrible, yet he led them in points just once. Ribeiro led his team in points 4 times. Is it easier to lead a team in points when there are 30 teams compared to 6, of course it is. But I think the point of Raleigh played on bad teams and Ribeiro's were better is exaggerated. Give Raleigh the .15% boost and it's 433.5 to 412 in favor of Raleigh. Adjust Raleigh's adjusted PPG to reflect an 82 game season and give him the 15% boost and his adjusted PPG is .773 over 651.8 career games. Ribeiro's is .813 over 737 games. I don't know any other ways I can compare them.

What is Ribeiro's lasting impression on this league? It's that he was a diver, a whiner, and a wuss because that's what people remember from his early days. You don't have to like him to recognize that he's been one of the best playmakers in the NHL for the last 8 years. He's 10th in assists over that period, and the entire top 37 was taken before him. And he's 21st in assists/game during that span too(of players with at least 100 games in that span). People don't like him, and I don't really like him either, but he's a great playmaker.

It shouldn't matter what his "lasting impression" on the league is. If lasting impression and one signature clutch this is what we're basing this on, then Danny Briere is the best player in the NHL right now.

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