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12-18-2012, 06:03 PM
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I just had an annoying woman ruin my evening. Was supposed to meet a friend at a nearby restaurant; being a very nice day I took the AC Cobra out for a spin. Parked near the restaurant's outdoor patio area and got hit with catcalls from some women. Went and got a table inside by myself as I was a little early; while waiting, the waitress came over and said that a woman wanted to buy my a drink. Told the waitress that I don't drink but to show appreciation for the gesture to get her a couple drinks on me. A few minutes later the waitress comes back with a piece of paper with the woman's phone number on it. Told the waitress that I wasn't interested and that I was just there waiting on my friend.

Shortly after that, this woman comes up, slams her drink down on my table and tells me to go 'screw' myself. She then goes into this tirade over how I must think I'm too good for her. Told her that I hadn't even seen her or noticed who sent their number over and that I was just here to meet a friend. Told her that my answer would have been the same even if she was a super model as I'm not interested in meeting anyone tonight. The damn woman then threw her drink on me. Needless to say, called my friend told him what happened and cancelled the dinner meet; now I'm waiting on Chinese delivery.

The woman wasn't bad looking, not my type, but damn she was pretty drunk at 5pm.

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