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12-18-2012, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
Yes I am a hockey fan. I am a fan who has supported the league with my hard earned dollars and I am pissed. The Wings won the Cup as recently as 2008 and they did it with a one line team, a hot goalie and the best blueliner in the game. The rest of the team was pretty forgettable. While losing Lidstrom leaves a big hole it isn't sour grapes. The Wings probably won't be a last place team in the coming years. They just aren't going to be a good team. Each and every year since the cap they have become a little less talented and a little more like every other team in the league. Less good. In a word, parity. So now the best franchises in the league are just like the worst or at least that's the end goal. We are fortunate in Detroit because we have an owner committed to winning. He has done a brilliant job at hiring quality people and arming them with the resources to build and market a great product. The best GMs, coaches, scouts, ect.. His product sells but in a cap league he can no longer apply the resources to make his team any better than all the others. The cap model is so even the worst franchise gets to have the Cup for a year. How do you get excited that your team won a championship when they are exactly like everyone else? It was their turn. Simply the last average team standing. It cheapens the championship. Now we get a second lost season? Why would I want to support this league with my money?
Why would you get excited by having your team get a Cup by something as tawdry as merely buying it? Wouldn't give ME any satisfaction. I'd get satisfaction and excitement by having my team win a cup with smart drafting, good player development, and astute trades. NOT by something so low-grade as throwing money at it.

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