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12-18-2012, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
^ the same thing happened to Steve Sullivan and his family. In a late summer interview with Tyson Nash he stated that he had enrolled his kids in school here and found a house.

Now, the greater Phoenix area is a known retirement destination and may have been on Sullivan's radar for that purpose, all along. Still, that uncertainty is pretty heavy.

You know who I blame for this lock out? The players' wives. There is no way I'd get away with this stubborn stupidity. Why aren't these women doing their jobs? Isn't a wife's duty to keep her husband from doing stupid **** for ridiculous reasons?

Falling on your sword and sacrificing an enormous chunk of your lifetime earnings so that the top five percent of your richest colleagues can have a tiny bit more flexibility in the way the are paid, flexibility that you and ninety five percent of your brothers will never enjoy is stupid. And to do so in the name of "winning" is a foolish and prideful motivation.
Unfortunately that misguided mentality seems to be plaguing a lot of us these days.

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