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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
How are they obscure stats?
Maybe the easier question is, how is Vs2 not obscure? The way it's used around here is practically a custom ATD invention.

I'm not sure I'd call Raleigh a "star".
He was definitely a star, both on and off the ice.

This is the AAA draft, none of these guys are stars.
Raleigh wouldn't have been in the AAA if the ATD had been a 1000-pick draft.

Here's something you cannot debate. People have said that Raleigh's teams were terrible, yet he led them in points just once. Ribeiro led his team in points 4 times. Is it easier to lead a team in points when there are 30 teams compared to 6, of course it is.
It sounds like you answered your own argument there.

You don't have to like him to recognize that he's been one of the best playmakers in the NHL for the last 8 years. He's 10th in assists over that period, and the entire top 37 was taken before him. And he's 21st in assists/game during that span too(of players with at least 100 games in that span).
Let's split the difference and say he was the 15th best pure playmaker over those 8 years.

Where do you think Raleigh ranks during his best 8 years?

It shouldn't matter what his "lasting impression" on the league is. If lasting impression and one signature clutch this is what we're basing this on, then Danny Briere is the best player in the NHL right now.
Briere would be better than either of these guys for sure.

The reason I brought up "lasting impressions" is that the stat-obsessiveness of this forum goes over the top at times. Maybe I'm off in left field in relation to the culture around here, but I really couldn't care less that Ribeiro or Raleigh scored .XXX of the second leading scorer in a particular year, and scoring .XXX+1 is literally not any more impressive to me. In order to make those numbers meaningful, you have to go back and build a framework of context around them... and once you've done that, the stat itself is just a bit of trivia.

I look at a guy like Ribeiro, who I admit is a talented player, and I see a guy who has never actually done anything with his stats. He has had exactly one respectable playoff in his career, and that ended with him being mostly ineffective in the semifinals (1 or 2 meaningful points in 6 games). Other than that, honestly, his career seems pretty empty of meaning. People remember him as a diver and a wuss because he hasn't given them much else to hang onto in the ensuing 6 or 7 years.

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