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12-18-2012, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
Sure but wouldn't the players try to do everything they can to make the most they can too? Why should they just cave to the demands of owners just because the owners made bad investments?
I think the players should negotiate the best deal possible with the owners. I think the owners should negotiate the best deal possible with the players. I don't think either side will be "caving" because the end result would be to have a successful league. And that's supposedly what both sides are after, right?

Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
That's not for us to decide though. Players think Fehr has given them the best chance to win. right or wrong.
Well, I'd agree that they at one point certainly thought he would give them the best chance to win. But that was then and this is now and they need to look at how much more they're willing to lose and if it's worth it for what they stand to gain. Right now I think they're giving up a lot more than they stand to get.

Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
The Wings probably won't be a last place team in the coming years. They just aren't going to be a good team. Each and every year since the cap they have become a little less talented and a little more like every other team in the league. Less good. In a word, parity.
Maybe they need to look more at drafting good players and stocking the farm like other successful teams have done. Work within the system. Other teams have done it, why can't Detroit? It's not the system's fault if Detroit management has apparently lost its grasp on how to build a winning team (at least, that's the impression I'm getting from your posts).

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