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Originally Posted by Phoenix
Thanks, that was a good tip. I am though still a bit confused with actually lifting the puck off the ice! I get it occasionally, but when I do I can never figure out what I did right. I get the height bit, but in the follow-through should my right (shaft hand/I'm right handed) palm be facing up the higher I want the puck to lift?

Cos if I go from palm up in the initial preparation to a palm down in the follow through, wouldn't that prevent the puck from lifting off the ice? I'm led to believe though that this is the best way for all shots.
And when I hit the puck, should I flick my wrists then? Or should my bladejust hit it straight on?

Hope I'm not being too technical with words here but I've got absolutely no one to ask at the moment, let alone demonstrate. My work roster has made it even harder for me to make trainings. Grrrrr.
Well, I have found that if you kind of cup the puck a little with the blade of your stick, and then picture the stick blade moving under the puck to flip up, that seem to help. Good for flip shots.

As for actual shooting, I do the same thing, but have the puck cupped toward the middle of the blade. As I start to shoot, I kind of pull the stick towards me allowing the puck to move out towards the tip of the blade.

As this happens the puck starts to move up the blade, a little off the ice, towards the end of the blade. Then it's just a matter of pushing and aiming your shot with the follow through and the tip of the blade.

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