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12-18-2012, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
I'm starting to really question your age/thinking capability. You cannot come up with a coherent answer after I reply to your idiotic post, all you do is repeat "Oh" then you make a stupid intentional misspelling of Colorado, then you come up with this beauty. What are you, 12 or something? Luckily you don't post much on here. Only come out to troll once in a while? Poor guy, must have had a bad day? Don't worry, even though I'm a duster, I'll still hug you. I love how you avoid answering people's replies to you. Coming up with an intelligent response honestly to tough for you?
Wake the * up and think pal. You come out here with an attitude from the get-go. You better believe your ignorance is being matched. If you truly believe this is a 12 year old writing, you've got stupidity written all over you. Don't play dumb with me regarding Bozak either... Your fanbase has used him as a sarcastic joke too many times.

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